Charge your electric vehicle quickly in the comfort of your home. The smart charger is compliant with all types and brands of electric vehicles and offers a number of additional functionalities.

Save money and time with controlled charging. Make use of advanced power management options to avoid overloading your installation.

Find the model and configuration that suit your charging needs. Choose among different designs, charging power, number of phases, types of sockets and cables, and more.

Have your new charger delivered and installed within days! Our experts will inspect your home installation and perform any necessary installation works. You can start using the charger as soon as it is installed and activated. All maintenance during the warranty period is performed by Etrel.
You can purchase the charger unit without the inspection and installation services. This means you will have to make sure that the unit is installed in accordance with all relevant regulations and technical limitations of your connection. Etrel will perform any maintenance required during the warranty period but will not be responsible for any issues resulting from improper installation.